Things to do in Florence in April I

Things to do in Florence in April
April is here, Easter is nearing closer, the weather is getting warm, people’s shades are on, tourists and buskers are clogging the streets. It’s great, isn’t it? Here we have 4 things that are a must-do if you’re in Florence during this special month of the year.

1 – VeloNotte + Kids
Explore Florence on bike during the night-time, for quite an alternative and usually unusual way to experience the city. It’s bike tour, it’s at the night time, and you’re either guided by a usually well-known academic or architect. This time however, it’s for kids too. From the 22-23rd of April you’ll have the opportunity to take this one on. You have to bring your own bikes, or rent one from a local shop, and the ride will be around 8km’s; about 3 hours with 6 lecture stops.

2 – Liberation Day
April the 25th marks the fall of Mussolini’s Social Republic in 1945 after WW2 and is a huge national, Italian celebration; their own Liberation Day. At 10am at the Piazza Unita, marching bands and officials pay their respects to the fallen war heroes that fought in the Italian resistance. At the Piazza Signoria at 5pm there is a late afternoon concert by the Rossini Orchestra that you can enjoy free of charge.

San Lorenzo - da video Curches of Florence
3 – Free Entrance to Museums
In Florence on the first Sunday (the 2nd of April) of every month, state-owned museums are entrance free for the whole day. This includes some of the most famous places, containing some of the most sought-after pieces of history.

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visitaflorencia half marathon 2017
4 – Half Marathon Firenze
…And finally, a week after the museums are free, on the 9th of April we have the 34th consecutive year of Florence’s International Half Marathon. A whole 21km’s of blood, swear and tears for all participants concerned, except for those participating in the non-competitive race (8 km), the walking (5 km) race, or the kid’s race (1.5 km). All of the above will certainly enjoy the route, which includes all of the usual classic monuments of the city. If they have time to concentrate on anything else, that is.

Stay tunned for second article about events in April!!!

Wish you a great spring from Visitaflorencia team!