Florence Activities by #Visitaflorencia


The year 1401 was a watershed date. In the winter of that year the wool importers' guild announced a competition
The Medici Villas are a series of rural building complexes near Florence which were owned by members of the Medici
  Eating is definitely one of life's pleasures in Florence, as it is all over Italy. The food is fresh,
  We're waiting for the Easter coming on April, 4th this year and, meanwhile, would like to tell you about
  After visiting the Duomo, the next port of call is the battistero (baptistery). In exile, Dante fondly referred to
  Till 1750 in Florence we were celebrating New Year on day March, 25th and not January, 1st. Nowadays we
  Starting from 2020, in Italy we have a new national commemorable day, March 25th - Dantedì. Which means in
  In Italy we celebrate the start of spring together with the vernal equinox, so around the middle of March.
  Strolling central streets of Florence, you can find a small square close to the Cathedral, named Pallottole square -
  Founded in 1250, Santissima Annunziata (The Most Holy Annunciation) is located in the homonymous and very harmonious square. This