Florence Activities by #Visitaflorencia


The three faces of Florence As it happens, there are probably three Florences. The first is that of the old
Finally, after a one-year-break, in Tuscany will take a place a new, 33rd, edition of Mecantia Festival - in Certaldo
Orsanmichele was built in 1337 on the site of the garden (hortus) of the church of San Michele and originally
When Filippo Brunelleschi had finished erecting his splendid cupola, he began all the finishing touches that were necessary for completing
The feast of the patron Saint John the Baptist was celebrated in Florence since the earliest times. Historians and chroniclers
We can happily announce that concerts and musical events have finally back in our lives in Tuscany! In June, the
While strolling through the streets of Florence it is possible to come across tiny "arch"-shaped windows resembling the typical doors
There are several strange stories surrounding the events of Palazzo della Signoria (called Palazzo "Vecchio" - The Old Palace -
The bronze equestrian monument to Ferdinando I of Medici, brother of Francesco, and likewise Grand-Duke of Tuscany, which rises up
If you have a few days to spend in Tuscany and these days coinside wit the first Sunday of the