All’Antico Vinaio


All’Antico Vinaio (A Treasure Hunt for your Stomach)


If you were to have an exploration deep into the Renaissance quarters of Florence, on the off chance you might get a little peckish, what would you do? The answer is usually to find the nearest place that looks appetising, when it should really be to find some incredible street food. All’Antico Vinaio has it in abundance.
Since 1991 the Mazzantis have ran All’Antico Vinaio, to this day they’re known for providing the ‘aromas and flavours’ of traditional Tuscan cuisine to the streets of Tuscany. All’Antico Vinaio has become an international as well as a well known Italian brand, as the ‘home of the world’s best sandwhiches’.


As of today, the Mazzantis have three street-food places in Florence close by to each other and a few yards from the Uffizi Gallery: Via Neri 65, 74 and 76 – All’Antico Vinaio, Atto II, and Atto III.
Each place does not necessarily contain the same food, and this is where the excitement comes in. Due to being on demand, you can book a reservation by calling them, or you can go super spontaneous and take you pick for which restaurant takes your fancy. Atto II is for sitting, Atto III and the original restaurant is for sitting and appreciating exactly what you have gotten yourself in for.

Just don’t forget, IT’S IN THE STREET FOOD,


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