Things to do in Florence in April II

visitaflorencia kraft 3d a firenze
1 – Kraftwerk 3D
On the 28th and the 29th of April, Kraftwek in full 3-dimensions will perform a full setlist of all of their greatest hits. The Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera in Florence will host this utter madness and electro-nostalgia, featuring all 4 of the original line-up: Fritz Hilpert, Henning Schmitz and Falk Grieffenhagen and Ralf Hütter, as if they were actually there.

visitaflorencia asta delle bici eventi a firenze aprile

2 – Asta delle Biciclette Recuperate/ Mercato Artigianato e Vintage
The 9th of April means that you’ll have the chance to trade in or get yourself a cool, vintage bike. Take part in one of the auctions, where a lot of the bikes were retrieved and repaired from many different locations around Florence. You can even trade in your own parts, it’s all part of respecting the environment and getting those damn fume-spewing automobiles off our streets.

visitaflorencia happy feet swing aprile a firneze

3 – Happy Feet Swing
Lindy-hop has rose back like a phoenix from the 1920’s, everybody wants to give the old Harlem, jazz-y swing dance a try. You can give it a go yourself in Florence at the Florence Dance Society between the 22nd and 24th of April. This includes a full weekend of classes, social dances, and 2 parties with live music for you to swing your hips to.

4 – Lattex+
Lattex+ is a haven for genuine music lovers. If you really want to experience a better night than the usual thing, with the usual tunes. This is it. Lattex+ still hasn’t released the date of the event, or the location but the best even to attend is their ‘experience’, which usually happens in the middle of April. Expect 12 hours, day and night mania with internationally renown DJ’s. Check their site frequently for more information.

visitaflorencia gelato festival firenze 2017
5 – Florence Gelato Festival 2017
21-25th of April sees Florence host the finale of its annual gelato festival. Guests can purchase their own wristbands and utilise it at will, tasting all different kinds of flavours of their choosing. After they’ve tasted every gelato and they’re feeling a little sick, they get to pick a winner! I can’t think of any better way to spend a day or two.

visitaflorencia bike fstival this april 2017
6 – Florence Bike Festival 2017
I wouldn’t recommend mixing a long bike ride with the previous event, but the 21-23rd of April means that Florence also hosts its annual bike festival. Located in the Cascine Park, thousands join in on this extravaganza suited for all types of cycling. It is free to join in, won’t cost you a single penny.

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