The first Italian’s Mother’s Day was celebrated in 1957, 50 years after the tradition began in the United States. However, Italians say that it was a parish priest in the hillside town of Assisi, in Central Italy’s Umbria region, that began this wonderful day. The celebration was such a success that one year later, Festa della Mamma was adopted across Italy’s 20 regions. A well-deserved tribute to the hard-working mothers of Italy!

Similar to Australia and the US, Italians observe Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May and, though an important day, it’s not recognized as a public holiday. This year we celebrate Festa Della Mamma on May 10.

More often than not, the mother is pampered and showered with gifts, poems and flowers, while she is forbidden from doing any jobs.

Many Italian children will prepare a breakfast of pastries and coffee for their mother, while the whole family will enjoy a celebratory lunch topped off with a cake – often heart-shaped.Though many Italians move away from their hometown as they grow older and embark on their studies or a career, many people make sure to send a gift and card in the mail and call their mamma for a lengthy chat.


Take this chance to call your Mom and say some good words! Buona Festa Della Mamma from Florence!








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