Co-Working Space in Florence N.2: Ditta Artigianale


Ditta Artigianale
With three different locations: Via dei Neri 32r, Via dello Sprone 5r, and Via Cavour 50r, Ditta Artigianle hardly has enough coffee shops to fully satisfy Florence as a whole, but the locals appreciate what they’re given.
A self-described “specialty coffee roaster”, you can buy their beans online and have them sent to you wherever you are in the entire world. Although, we would recommend actually walking into one of the places yourself.

visitaflorencia ditta artigianale

Grab yourself an espresso if you’re feeling full-on Italian, or whatever coffee is your usual to experience to Ditta Artigianle traditional magic.
Order some food – their breakfast meals are a great accomplice to their hot beverages: croissants or eggs on toast. Each made and taste in their own wonderful little ways.
Ditta Artigianale is a great place to stop by for someone quick and classy, on its way to being labeled a Florentine institution.

visitaflorencia ditta artigianale2

A perfect spot to pick up a quick lunch. Jazz and hip-hop frequent their speakers in terms of musical choice, and not only is their produce great, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere is apparent from the café’s reputation.

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