Co-Working Space in Florence N.3: Mama’s Bakery

visitaflorencia mamas bakery

Mama’s Bakery
This American, vegetarian-friendly café can be found on the street Via della Chiesa at building number 34r; about a 5 minute walk from the Basilica di Santo Spirito.
Quite a rarity in Florence is Mama’s authentic bagels, as locals frequent this place for some of these for lunch. This seems to be one of the main attractions here, but the café nevertheless also boasts of quiches that will make your mouth water, cakes, muffins, and sugar-coated-everything; Mama’s Bakery is overall an incredible place for both lunch or breakfast. Topped-off by a diversion from the old Italian hot beverage, you can also grab yourself some American coffee to wash everything down.
The authenticity is something obvious about the location, and is somehow boosted by the fact that everything is served with throw-away plastics: plates and cutlery. You’ll first be greeted by a smiling worker while you decide on your delicacy, take a pick on something and begin.
…And we almost forgot the cupcakes! If you’re still looking to boost that sugar rush, an inexpensive 2 Euros and 50 cents will see you blast-off into the stratosphere.
Originally opened by a married couple called Matt and Cristina, they intended on providing a ‘relaxing and friendly environment’ and on evaluation, a visit to Mama’s Bakery delivers precisely this. Don’t be put off by the working University students in the main room, such a place may be an added bonus when you need a space to do some work yourself too. Despite the lack of atmosphere sometimes caused by this, this café is still incredibly welcoming and enjoyable.
Open from Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm.
On weekends you can also enjoy all of these exquisite flavours, exactly between 9am and 3pm.