Carnival is the most famous event in Venice. Travel lovers come to Venice these days from all over the world. Be prepared for the fact that you will meet crowds of tourists in the city these days. Venice Carnival 2020 (Carnevale di Venezia) will be held from 08 to 25 February. A traditional competition for the best carnival costume will be held during the carnival. The winners will be chosen jointly by the audience and the jury. The contest will be held in three stages: the preliminary selection of participants, the second stage February 20 – 22, the grand final of the contest is scheduled for February 23. Competition for children is scheduled for February 24. The opening of the carnival usually begins on Saturday. Grand Opening of the 2020 Venice Carnival will be held 08 and 09 February. It was “La Festa Veneziana” in past years and a colorful water show in the 

Carnevale di Venezia

previous year. Musicians and dancers will entertain the audience. Beginning at 18:00.
Festa sull’acqua, a show on the Rio di Cannaregio led by Alessandro Martello with two performances at 19 and 21. Venue: Canaregio area.

It is usually held in Rio di Cannaregio area. Rio Cannaregio or the Cannaregio Canal is a canal in the Cannaregio district – it connects the Grand Canal with the Northern Lagoon, it is next to the railway station (east of the station).

Sunday, February 09, 2020 is the second day of the “La Festa Veneziana” feast. Water parade is the main event of the day. Colorfully decorated boats will sail along the Canal Grande to the folkloristic district of Cannaregio. Various entertainment, food and wine will be prepared for the public. Water parade and Grand opening in Rio di Cannaregio. Beginning: 11:00


You can take part in the competition for the best carnival costume and the best mask. It’s free, but you need to pre-apply. Costumes and masks should match the theme of carnival.
To participate in the competition you need to submit an application on the carnival website:


More detailed information will appear on the official website of the carnival:

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