In Italy we celebrate the start of spring together with the vernal equinox, so around the middle of March.

In 2021 it occurs on March, 20. So, this event marks also the first day of spring in the Northern Hemisphere in 2021.

Spring in Florence is really special and sacred period of the year!

Just to start, Florence was found during springtime. Also, it was named in honor of Flora – Roman goddess of spring.

And last but not least, Florence is incredibily beautiful and charming from March till May. Thus this time is by far the most enjoyable one to visit our city. Temperatures start rising late March and we hit the first real highs usually in June, so spring months are the excellent period for those of us that are less adapted to really hot weather.

Spring gives us the scent of flowers in the air as well! Don’t miss lovely Florentine gardens to enjoy all the beauty of Tuscan nature, e.g. The Rose Garden and The Iris Garden. Don’t miss our previous articles about them:

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Gardens in Florence: Iris Garden

Blog I Love Florence Italy wish you all the best in this magic spring’s beginning!