Palazzo Strozzi: A Brief History Lesson

Brief History Palazzo Strozzi


Palazzo dello Strozzino is another one of those huge attractions in Florence. Formerly known as the Palazzo della Tre Porte for its three doorways, the Palazzo Strozzi was a place where once the Strozzi family lived.
The land of the Palazzo Strozzi, which was owned by Palla Strozzi, was passed around after he was exiled in 1434. Filippo Strozzi, set the ball rolling for the building in 1489. Filippo Brunelleschi made designs for the place, and several renovation attempts were subsequent by Michelozzo. Cronaca worked on it from 1504 and until the Palazzo Strozzi was deemed to be finished in 1538.

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The Palazzo dello Strozzino remained in the hands of the Strozzi family right up until 1937. The place from then on boasts of three floors and still the three doors, which lead the way to the cinema odeon designed in 1920 by Marcello Piancentini. Since the second World War, the Palazzo Strozzi has hosted some Florence’s most major exhibitions, including work by Gustav Klimt (1992), Botticelli e Filippino Lippi, and Cezanna in Florence.
The Palazzo dello Strozzino is now owned by the state of Florence, and hosts a variety of different events, such as continued exhibitions – hosting three major exhibitions each year – the Strozzina, the Piano Nobile, and many different lectures in its courtyard (Centre for Contemporary Culture Strozzina); you can even relax with a coffee at the new café.
The Palazzo dello Strozzi is situated right slap band in the middle of Florence, which is hardly in a discrete location. You may not have heard of or seen the place if you’re a regular tourist, but once you make your way inside however, you will be more than glad that you became acquainted with it.


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