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 Holidayinflorenceitaly 1 Since several days our new websites www.visitaflorencia.net & Holidayinflorenceitaly.com have been online with a more attractive graphics, with images of Florence and professional image and more evocative of our apartments.Holidayinflorenceitaly 2

We have created a new section for offers and promotions to give you the opportunity to book your holiday flat in the center of Florence with unique and special prices! Discover the promotions by visiting these links:

In our website you can find out everything you need to know before you book your apartment for your holiday, you can read information, advice and suggestions about our city, and experience the best in every stage of your holiday in Florence!

Thanks to our talented webmaster and thanks to all the staff of our agency who are still working to improve our websites: www.visitaflorencia.net & Holidayinflorenceitaly.com

Furthermore, the new sites are also more social: some sections are connected to our official accounts of: Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Google+ Visitaflorencia,
so that we can share the most beautiful pictures and video of Florence, news, events and everything you want to know about our city.Holidayinflorenceitaly 3

We look forward to our followers’ comments, ideas and suggestions are more than welcome:

Greetings from our Office in Florence and have a good holiday!

Osvaldo Alberti
The Manager

Florence August 14, 2015



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