Open Mic Night at the Tasso Hostel

Open Mic Night at the Tasso Hostel


On every first Wednesday of each month, the Tasso Hostel located on the street Via Luigi Alamanni opens its microphone to whatever creative people there are in attendance during that particular date, between 8 and 9pm.

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The open mic night at the Tasso Hostel prides itself on being absolutely genre-less. This is not a night dedicated exclusively to all of the singer-songwriters out there donning an acoustic guitar, no. This is in fact the opposite.

Each person has a time limit of ten minutes to use the hostel’s sound system to communicate their creative desires to the audience: “Perhaps you are a poet, a novelist, a performer”… “A scrawler of writings on walls”. Those attending are also encouraged to bring food and beverages – preferably alcoholic ones – to ensure all are filled up and ready to go.

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The open mic night does use English as its main language, although all languages and particular those of other cultures are welcome.

If you like the sound of this, and would like to actually speak on the night and participate, you are advised to send an email describing what you intend to do to this address:

Read more information about this event, and about the Tasso Hostel in general by following this link: