Festa della Repubblica Italiana or Italian Republic Day

The Italian Republic Day (“Festa della Repubblica Italiana”) is celebrated on 2nd June each year, to commemorate the birth of the Italian Republic. Following the end of the Second World War and the fall of Fascism, on 2 June 1946, an institutional referendum was held by universal suffrage and the Italian people were called to the polls to decide on the form of government, monarchy or republic.

On 5th May 1948 Republican Italy finally has its emblem, which is characterized by 3 elements: the star, the gear and the branches of olive and oak.

The star is one of the oldest objects in our iconographic heritage and has always been associated with the personification of Italy, on whose head it shines radiantly.

The gear, symbol of work, reminds the first article of the Italian Constitution: “Italy is a democratic republic founded on work”.
The olive branch symbolizes the desire for peace of the nation, in the sense of internal harmony that the international brotherhood.
The oak branch that closes the right side of the emblem, embodies the strength and dignity of the Italian people. Then, the branches are both the expression of the most typical species of our tree heritage.



How are we going to celebrate in Florence? Here’s the programme:

8:00am, Palazzo Vecchio – exposure of the National and European flag and laying of a laurel wreath to the commemorative plaque on the facade of the Palazzo Vecchio, dictated by Piero Calamandrei in memory of the Liberation of Florence.

10:00am, Piazza dell’Unità, ceremony of the rising of the Italian flag with laying of a laurel wreath at the war memorial. Following: ceremony of award of the ‘Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

4:30pm, Piazza dell’Unità, ceremony of the
lowering of the flag.

9:00pm, Arengario of Palazzo Vecchio (stairs in front of the palace) – Concert of the Philharmonic “G. Rossini”.

(Source for info about the emblem: official site of the Presidenza della Repubblica
www.quirinale.it http://www.quirinale.it/qrnw/statico/simboli/emblema/emblema.html )

(source for official events: official site of the local government

http://www.comune.fi.it/export/sites/retecivica/comune_firenze/ultime_notizie/e0566.html )


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