“Gong”, the exhibition in Forte di Belvedere

After the great collective Ytalia and monographic retrospectives of Giuseppe Penone, Antony Gormley and Jan Fabre, Forte di Belvedere will host an impressive antological exhibition dedicated to Eliseo Mattiacci. He is belived not only one of the greatest protagonists of contemporary art, one of the pioneers of the Italian avant-garde of the late 60s’, but also an architect of experimentation and rennovation in sculpture, inventor of new spatial and conceptual relationships between art and nature, man and the environment.

Right from the first works Mattiacci was all about measuring and reunifying human gestures and metaphysical imagination with the unfathomable nature of life in the universe and with immesurable energy of substance and between the stars, with the cosmic cycle of life and death that is being and not being, the visible and invisible forces in the space and during the time.

Exhibit items included the works: The Tube (1967) – the construction of about sixty meters of extension, The Recovery of a Myth (1975), sound work The Echoes of Sounds and Dogs that Bark (1983). Among the most recent works are The My Idea of the Universe (2001) which occupies an entire room, and the large alluminium propellers of The Vertical Dynamics (2013).

A sequence of exhibition rooms is dedicated to the drawings. The works from this part of exhibition commemorate the performance success of the 70s’, the cycle works which were the preparing material for a cosmic-astronomical masterpiece (1980-1981), the frottages on metal of the Magnetic Fields, the Cosmogonies, the recent Celestial Bodies (2005-2015).

In the gardens of the Forte di Belvedere are presented huge works made in steel which demonstrate cosmic and astronomical vision: The Skyward (1987), The Precarious Balance Almost Impossible (1991), The Southern Sign – Southern Cross (1991), The Gong (1993), The Streets of Heaven (1995), The Discs of Cosmic Order (1995-96), The Totem With Cloud (1996), and The Sculpture that Looks (1997-2013). “

The exhibition “Gong” will be open up to 14th October.


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