The Florence Experiment in Palazzo Strozzi

The Florence Experiment is the name of the experiment that is carrying out by an artist-scientist, Carsten Höller and the founder of plant neurobiology, the professor Stefano Mancuso. Visitors of that uncommon exhibiion participate in this experiment, “flying” through two 20-meters high and perfectly symmetrical slides in the Palazzo Strozzi. The lucky ones can make this “journey” from the second floor to the loggia with a sprout of bean. Then it will be delivered to the laboratory in Strozzina where scientists study the the photosynthetic parameters and molecules emitted as a reaction to the descent and the closeness to a person who take part in this experiment.

The fundamental purpose of the “exhibition” is to make the public understand that even plants have their own intelligence and that unlike humans and animals they are independent, and we are, on the contrary, depend on them (for example plants fix CO2 and the animals produce it).

The second part of the experiment takes place in the Strozzina. The audience is invited to enter two rooms: in the first there are projected comedy films, in the other one – horror films. Visitors’ fear or enjoyment will produce different volatile chemical compounds which, through aspiration channels, will be transported to the building’s facade with the wisteria shaped in “Y” form on it, and will influence it.

Before getting on one of the two slides it is neccessary to read the instructions. The minumum age of participants in the experiment is 6 years.

The Florence Experiment is open up to 29th August.

The full ticket price is €12.

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