“Di Cultura In Piazza” (in Oltrarno area) – summer fest in Florence

Summer nights in Florence are enriched by lots of events, from June to September.

“Di Cultura In Piazza” (from Culture to Square) is the summer festival that will be held in Piazza del Carmine (Oltrarno Area) by AICS (Italian Culture & Sport Association) -Provincial Committee of Florence- who intends to return this place to the people, as a meeting place and exchange of knowledge, place of education, entertainment and creativity.

A cultural and artistic programming of particular commitment dedicated to photography and contemporary art, reading, dance, music, theater, sports and educational activities for children.

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Program of AUGUST:
WHERE: Piazza del Carmine

Monday 1 | from 21:00
And so singing / E via cantando … presents “Love … between dream and reality” a succession of arias from Italian tradition in a sparkling theatrical frame of the 50s.

Wednesday 3 | from 21.00
Milonga in Piazza del Carmine – by Tango Florido

Thursday 4 | from 21:00
Comedy show “Toscano by chance” by Gianmaria Vassallo

Friday 5 | from 21:00
The Next Three live -Police Tribute Band

Saturday 6 | from 21:00
Psychedelphia live -Pinkfloyd Tribute Band

Sunday 7 | from 21:00
Acoustic Florentine group live -Monotono- with covers of songs with new arrangements

Wednesday, 10 | from 17 to 23
“Stars in Piazza del Carmine”, day and evening dedicated to astronomy by Roberto Mugnaini and his staff
from 21.00 : Milonga in Piazza del Carmine – by Tango Florido

Thursday, 11 | from 21:00
The Blue Box Live – Italian music

Friday, 12 | from 21:00
Dans La Rue Live -Hot World Music-, for a musical journey through Hawaii, Madagascar, the Caribbean and India

Saturday 13 | from 21:00
Jacopo Meille & Francesco Bottai live– Led Zeppelin acoustic tribute band

Monday, 15 | from 21:00
“Cocomerata in Piazza del Carmine” – watermelon for everybody and DJ sets with Freddy Villarosa

Wednesday, 17 | from 21:00
Milonga in Piazza del Carmine – by Tango Florido

Thursday, 18 | from 21:00
Cris Pinzauti live – acoustic rock concert

Saturday 20 | from 21:00
Freddie Maguire & Lorenzo Nardi Live -Jazz and Blues

Sunday, 21 | from 21:00
Country Line Dance show – by 4 Jumps – for those who love to dance country music

Tuesday, 23 | from 21:00
Arabic dance performance – by Sara Bellydance

Wednesday, 24 | from 21:00
Milonga in Piazza del Carmine – by Tango Florido

Thursday, 25 | from 21:00
Estromaldestro live – Florentine Rock / punkabilly band

Friday, 26 | from 21:00
Music Solo Per Voice – choir of twenty elements, for an extraordinary musical  experience

Saturday 27 | from 21:00
Stefano Dentone & Antonio Ghezzani live- Theatre Staller tour 2016- Italian music and rock

Sunday 28 | from 21:00
Aspronauts live -Rock Cover Band from the 70s to the future …

Monday, 29 | from 21:00
Belly dance show curated by Yalla Yalla Bellydance

Wednesday 31 | from 21:00
Milonga in Piazza del Carmine – by Tango Florido


Don’t say you’ll get bored this August in Florence!

Enjoy Summertime and have fun!


All detailed info in the original website: www.diculturainpiazza.eu
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