Best Beer Pubs in Florence

Are you a beer expert? The Best Pubs in Florence


You know that feeling of when you’re a legit beer expert, but no matter how hard you try the interwoven backstreets of Florence just make task of finding a great beer so, so difficult? We know, we know. Stop trying to find a good beer in random bars right now. We have three locations for you to spot out while you’re here.


visitaflorencia beer house
1.Beer House Club


On the Corso Dei Tintori, you’ll find a modest outdoor area decorated with the branding “Beer House Club”. Walk a little further in and you’ll be met by the bar’s “wall of pleasure”: a whole board of different beers usually from either Europe or the United States, describing each beer’s characteristics. From IPA, to stout, to golden ale – you’ll even be able to take a taste of a couple before you decide on your beverage for the night. Take it out, sit down with a couple buddies, and enjoy.

Address: Corso dei Tintori, 34/r, 50122 Firenze FI


visitaflorencia brewdog florence

2.BrewDog Florence


BrewDog, the ever-more-popular brewery company – hailing from Scotland and opening its first ever bar in Aberdeen – now has even its presence felt in Florence. You’ll find it on the street Via Faenza, at number 21. A wide range of many of the different kinds of beers brewed by the BrewDog itself is available, from ale to IPA and lager. This particular spot is a great one specifically for the bar’s variety. Also, expect great service, fun bartenders and atmosphere.

Address:Via Faenza, 21/R, 50123 Firenze FI


visitaflorencia off the hook

3.Off The Hook


Finally, my favorite bar in the whole city. This bar is our particular selection, for the solution to a problem that the majority of you might face while tasting a couple of these fine hoppy beers: you might get a little hungry. Off The Hook not only allows you to continue in your quest to taste some of the best beers available in the city, they also make great, great burgers. After guzzling down a München Hofbrau – which is available on tap – a look at their selection of burgers might peak your imagination: chicken, veggie or traditional beef, available with fries. Something to definitely bring you back down to earth if you’ve had one-too-many.And the most amazing cocktails like Negronis you can ever have with their expert bartenders. Ask for Mehran and he will make you one the most unforgettable cocktails you have ever had in your life.


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