25th April – 70th Liberation Day in Florence

In Florence, on this very 25th April we’ll celebrate the 70th Liberation Day! It is an important anniversary and it commemorates the end of the Fascist regime in Italy (25th April 1945). We’ll list some nice events you cannot miss these days:

    at 10.15am: deposition of the laurel wreath in Piazza dell’Unità; 10:30am arrival of the procession in the Palazzo Vecchio + Mayor of Florence greetings;
    at 5pm: Open-air commemorative concert in Piazza della Signoria (concert by G. Rossini philharmonic orchestra).
  • Re-opening of Iris Garden with new paths, from 10am to 7pm (http://www.irisfirenze.it/giardino/informazioni.htm) from 25/Apr to 20/May; Piazzale Michelangelo Area (buses 12/13 from Santa Maria Novella train station).
  • Mostra dell’Artigianato, Florence’s massive artisan fair since 1931, in Fortezza da Basso with 800 international exhibitors (http://www.mostraartigianato.it/en/). From 24th April to 3rd May 2015, from 10:00am to 10:30pm (last day – until 8:00pm).
  • Sunday, from 26th April – to 27th September 2015: Open day at Forte Belvedere, works by Antony Gormley, one of the most respected living sculptors (http://museicivicifiorentini.comune.fi.it/en/fortebelvedere/).

See other events of April here:

  • http://eventi.comune.fi.it/en/
  • http://eventi.comune.fi.it/export/sites/eventi_in_citta/materiali/04_15_A4_eng_a_firenze.pdf

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