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This morning I visited the new Florentine modern art museum - Museo Novecento, (Museum of the 1900s).  Florence, birthplace of
Il Primo Piano in el Mercato San Lorenzo, aka el Mercato Centrale, recently opened as a food court.  It's new,
Just around the corner from my apartment is the the Florentine Sistine Chapel, Cappella Brancacci housed in the right transept
As I walk through Piazza Santa Maria Novella buffeted by the hordes of tourists wielding  suitcases, cameras and unfurled maps
Yesterday, June 24th was an important festival day in Florence.  It was San Giovanni Day.  The day when all Florence
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The Videos here look at some videos of the holiday apartments in Florence http://youtu.be/J0bXXkDkJNE http://youtu.be/myqbBohL-mo http://youtu.be/KHYPyWesCZs http://youtu.be/MzIC8pp_fhU http://youtu.be/8NOVLgEbP-k http://youtu.be/-sdS7m7eRBI http://youtu.be/KriaYTL1a4Q
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One of the things I love most about Italy is the food and the traditions that surround it.  Despite being
Florence is famous for its history: a centre of medieval European trade and finance and one of the wealthiest cities of the time,[3] it